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Mud Pump is used to circ

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Mud Pump is used to circulate drilling fluid while drilling, it is the heart part of drilling fluid circulation system, and it is composed of Power End and Fluid End.  

Technical Performances and Structure Features

1.Power End: the frame is welding structure with steel plate, it has high strength, rigidity and light weight, It is stress-relieved after welding. The transmission gears are integral involute herringbone, with smooth running, high efficiency and long service life. The crankshaft is hollow one-piece casting. At the Power End, we adopt splash and forced lubrication.

2.Fluid End: compact structure is due to adopting straight pass through fluid cylinder. The suction and discharge flange conform to ANSI and API Spec.

3.Piston Rods and Intermediate Rods are jointed by collar couplers that allow quick installation/disassembly.

4.The piston and line bore are cooled and lubricated by independent spray pump system, has long service life.

5.The expendables are universal.

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