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DL mud pump

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 mud pump  We have been engaged in manufacturing series of quality mud pumps and spare parts for oilfield machinery since early 1990’s. The main products are sold to USA, Mid-Asia, Canada, Mexico, Middle East and Russia. The mud pumps are used in oil drilling and mining. We can supply series of mud pumps( like F-500, F-800, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600 and PZ series )and a full line of fluid end expendables for popular mud pumps in the world, including Continental, Emsco, National, GardenerDenver, Oilwell,Ideco,Wheatly,Wilson,Wirth,OPI,EllisWillianms,Skytop/Brewster, etc.

We currently manufacture over 2000 major products such as valves & seats, modules, gaskets, plates, crosshead and crosshead guide, hydraulic seat puller, snap rings & valve rings, Hy-chrome liners, chrome-plated liners, hardened steel liner, piston hubs, piston & piston rubbers, piston rods and extension rods, cylinder heads & valve covers, drilling tools and other expendables. In fact, as a leading oilfield machinery company, we have revolutionized the triplex premium chromium liners and our patent HP liners have dominated the market with Chinese patent No.: ZL03269409.1 since late 1990’s. We guarantee that our parts are completely interchangeable with those offered by OEMs with no modification of existing equipment. The warranty extended by HNA meets or exceeds the warranties offered by the OEMs.

As one of the leading manufacturers, with 150,000 square feet manufacturing area, our mission is to supply drilling contractors quality products at competitive prices with responsive services.

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